What is "A Down-to-Earth Life?"

My first blog. Wow! Never thought I would enter this world because I am NOT a writer. But this is my little corner to keep organized and share ideas, tips, and tools with my friends and family.  So, you might ask, what do you need to organize?

Recipes - First and foremost a place to keep my favorite recipes.  And because I'm all about down-to-earth, these recipes are easy, practical and not a lot of fuss.

The Farm - I moved from the city to the country three years ago. So I'm learning all sorts of things about country life and taking care of the farm. 

I'm sure my blog will grow and change over time. It would be boring if it didn't! Can't wait to see what is in store. I love lists. I love bullet points. And I love keeping things simple so I can enjoy the best things in life. You won't find long discourses here. Short. Simple. And to-the-point! 


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