1,000 Gifts

44. My husband who can fix our cars.
43. Late summer days mid-70's with no humidity.
42. Each person in the family hanging out in the living room reading a good book.
41. Quiet evenings at home listening to 80's music with my best friend.
40. Reconnecting with old friends and picking up right where you left off.
39. Reliable dog-sitters so I don't have to worry about my boys when I am out-of-town.
38. Being able to travel to new cities and parts of the country for work.
37. Three beautiful, healthy daughters.
36. A husband who loves me.
35. Playing kickball with family and not being afraid because you are so bad at it!
34. Finding just the right birthday present even though you waited until the last minute!
33. Reconnecting with old friends.
32. The sound of birds chirping in the morning.
31. Dogs playing and chasing each other at top speed!
30. Flowering trees.
29. The smell of lilacs.
28. Baby bunnies.
27. April Fools Day humor.
26. A free lunch -- yes, there is such a thing.
25. Watching Eagles sitting on three eggs on a live streaming webcam.
24. Learning to care for a horse.
23. Good health.
22. Beautiful, clean bathrooms with running water.
21. A good hair day!
20. Silky, soft puppy ears to tickle.
19. Crisp, clear night skies that make you believe you can see EVERY star in the sky. Beautiful!
18. Reunions with old friends.
17. Work at home days.
16. Nice, firm, queen-size bed - enough room for me and my puppies.
15. Hazelnut, decaf coffee. Mmmmm.
14. Beautiful, white, clean snow. Lovely!
13. Fresh water right out of the faucet, farthest I have to carry it is from the kitchen to the living room. What a luxury!
12. Really good books.
11. Getting to hear amazing devotions while at work.
10. Flowers from a good friend.
9. Country roads.
8. Inspiring stories from our authors.
7. Sweet neighbors who bring me dinner.
6. Birthday wishes
5. Loving parents
4. Blue skies and bright sunshine.
3. Vegan restaurants
2. Puppies to cuddle
1. Girls-only nights.


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