Grandpa Fritz's 10 Step Diet Plan OR Larry's Down-to-Earth Diet Principles

A guest post already you say? Well - just had to share this note from my Dad that fits so well with this blog.

There is about 10 steps to dieting - give or take 5.
#1 Count calories.
#2 Eat an oatmeal breakfast.
#3 Eat a full course dinner sometime between 12pm and 2pm.
#4 Eat an old fashioned supper ( a light meal around 5pm).
#5 Drink a half gallon of water per day.
#6 Snack only on a graham cracker (no candy or soda pop).
#7 No coffee after 2pm.
#8 Exercise daily.
#9 Popcorn snack.
#10 Leave a little on your plate.
#11 Do not go to bed full - be a little bit hungry.
#12 Reach for your mate instead of your plate.

#1 Counting calories is the key to this diet plan. When I was in high school, we had a project to complete which involved counting the calories I took in, in the form of food and drink and the amount of calories used up in a day. At the time I weighed about 160 pounds and consumed about 3,000 calories per day and I used up about 3,000 calories per day. To arrive at those numbers I kept track of the hours of sleep, walking, running, etc. What I learned is that over the years I require much fewer calories. Now nor more than 2,000/day and in order to lose weight closer to 1,500/day. What I remember from High school was that to lose one pound required to reduce calorie intake by 3,500 calories. That would mean 500 calories/day to lose 1 pound of weight per week. Running for 1 hour uses about 400 calories. So if I ran 7 days a week I would not lose a pound. It would help. Besides I am too lazy to run 7 days a week. Just think cutting down by 100 calories/day, I would lose 1 pound a month. It is very difficult, 100 calories/day I would lose 10 pounds a year. That would be good because after a year following my diet would require a change in lifestyle.

#2 Eat oatmeal for breakfast. 2/3 cup of whole grain oatmeal is about 25 grams of fiber and with 12 raisins and a banana and 1/2 cup of milk is very satisfying and will get you through to dinner.

#3 Eat a full course meal. A large salad of lettuce and tomato a must with very little dressing. A small portion of meat a couple vegetables a side dish of applesauce, unsweetened. Eat slowly. Try to take an hour.

#4 A cup of soup or a tomato sandwich for supper.

#5 Drink a half gallon of water. Water with breakfast, between breakfast and dinner, between dinner and supper, with supper and before bed. We are 97% water and need to keep hydrated to be well.

#6 Graham cracker with coffee in AM, between dinner and supper, and before bed.

7 & 8

#9 Popcorn. In place of supper at 5pm make a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie at 6pm with lots of water.

#10 Leave a little. Good etiquette  Growing up as a child we were taught to clear our plate. There would be no snacks between meals or at bedtime. That's all we had.

I am getting tied and need to take a NAP.


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