Life Lessons

Things I've Learned While Living in the Country

1. The saying "playing possum" is rooted in reality. When your dogs sniff a dead possum and you put them in the house and head out with a shovel to take care of the dead possum, don't be surprised to find it casually walking away!

2. Never walk your dogs in the rain down a dirt road.

3. And if you do walk your dogs in the rain down a dirt road, never, NEVER, throw them in the car immediately after the walk to run to the grocery store - without cleaning them off.  If you do, you will come out from the grocery store and find the inside of your car covered in dirt spots because your dogs shook off after the walk. NOT that it has EVER happened to me.  

4. Be sure to meet your neighbors immediately after you move in.  That way when your dog decides to chase their goats around the goat pen, you will have met them first!

5. If you decide you need to use the snow blower to clear the snow off your back deck, be sure to remove all dog chains from the deck.  And if you forget to move the dog chains, when you see them while you are snow blowing  stop snow blowing and move the chain. And if you still wait to move the chain, don't be surprised if your snow blower sucks the chain up into the blower when you run over it! And if your neighbor comes over to save the day and save your snow blower, be sure to make him some blueberry buckle to thank him!

6. If you want to walk the dogs at night in the country be sure to buy a really dorky looking head-lamp that you can wear.  It's REALLY dark in the country at night. 

7. When you do walk at night in the country...look up.  It is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  There are WAY more stars in the country than in the city!

8. Tell your friends often how grateful you are for their support when you moved to the country. You couldn't have made the transition without them when you had to learn how to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower, how to replace fence boards when they broke, how to raise a flag on the huge flagpole in the front yard...

9. Tell your family how much you love them and how you love hanging out with them whether it is in the city OR the country!

10. Thank God every day for the beautiful, peaceful home he has provided with amazing neighbors and deep friendships at church and in the hood!


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