Michigan Football with My Big Brother

I'm pleased to introduce my first guest blogger (well, yes, my Dad had a blog a few weeks ago but he didn't actually realize he was guest blogging.  He just wrote me a letter and I had to share it!). This week my brother is joining the fun.  He is a HUGE (probably an understatement) Michigan football fan.  So I decided to get his perspective on how the team is doing so far this year. If you enjoy this post and his writing, be sure to check out his blog at http://hailtothevictors1981.xanga.com/. His blog is cleverly called Maize Meanderings. Get it? Maize = Maize or Mey's. Too fun!

Alicia: How long have you been a Michigan football fan?
Eric: I’ve been a supporter of the Maize and Blue for 35 years now.

Alicia: What is your first memory of listening to or attending a Michigan football game?
Eric: My first memory comes from my freshman year in Ann Arbor.  There was a huge game with Wisconsin that season.  Both teams were undefeated and everyone thought we’d struggle to beat the Badgers.  But Michigan dominated from start to finish and won the game 56 – 0.  As I was leaving the stadium, a fan had his portable radio tuned to one of the local stations and after the D.J. announced the score, he played "Baby, What a Big Surprise" (the hit song by Chicago). Whenever I hear that song I can’t help but smile and recall my Wolverines winning that big game at the Big House.

Alicia: What are you most proud of about the Michigan team this year?
Eric: Before the season began, I was most emotional about our game with Michigan State.  So I am really happy that we beat the Spartans.  However, I’m sure that our visit to Columbus at the end of November is going to get my Maize and Blue blood flowing.  It’s tough for me not to be “most proud” of any victory by Michigan over Ohio State.  That’s a mentality left to me by one of the greatest football coaches of all time: Bo Schembechler.

Alicia: What is your prediction for how Michigan will end the football season?  Is a bowl game in sight for them?
Eric: My Wolverines are going to play in a bowl game.  I’m thinking it will be one of the New Year’s Day contests (e.g. Gator, Outback, Capital One) which means I’m predicting that they’ll finish 8 and 4 or perhaps 7 and 5. But, it's important for us to take things one game at a time.  Let's beat the Golden Gophers this Saturday, keep the Little Brown Jug in Ann Arbor and go from there. GO BLUE !!!

Alicia: If you could give Brady Hoke one piece of advice what would it be?
Eric: Coach Hoke is doing a fine job.  The only advice I would give him is: “Don’t let the turkeys get you down.”  There are far too many critics and not enough cheerleaders in the world of Michigan football.

Alicia: We have a great family football pool going for the college bowl games. Do you have any predictions for the outcome this year?  Will Grandpa Fritz be ousted?
Eric: Our college football bowl challenge continues to be so entertaining. Everyone can participate and regardless of expertise, everyone has a chance to win the contest.  And that’s what makes it so difficult for someone like Grandpa Fritz to repeat as champion.  With ten or more participants, the odds are against him.  As far as a prediction, I always think I’m going to win.  Otherwise, why bother to take on the challenge.

Well - I'm pretty sure I'M going to win the football pool this year. But hey - we can talk about that more over the holidays!


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