Top 10 tips for getting organized!

I thought I would share some tips on getting organized. I'm a pretty organized person and it comes naturally to me. But I know that isn't the case for everyone. So, if being organized is a total mystery to you, here's a little help!

  1. Start by making a list.
  2. Keep your list reasonable for what you can actually accomplish today. If you write down everything you ever wanted to get done around the house you will be so overwhelmed you won't even start! Keep your list to the top 10 things you really need to do now. 
  3. If you get a task done that isn't on your list, add it to the list, and cross it off. No really, do it! It makes a difference in how you feel about your whole day.
  4. Decide in advance what your reward will be if you complete everything on your list. Keep the reward in perspective and make sure it's a healthy reward. If you struggle with overeating, don't reward yourself with food. If you tend to overspend, don't reward yourself with a new toy. Instead, think about healthy things that you really enjoy. Treat yourself to a 10 minute nap, or go for a walk with a friend, or soak your feet in a soothing Epsom salt bath. In the beginning you might want to reward yourself with something small after you accomplish just 3-5 things on your list.
  5. Tackle one room or area at a time. If you want to clean your entire house start with just the living room or kitchen. Once you have accomplished that you will feel motivated to keep going.
  6. Don't leave all your work for the weekend. Try to tackle one small project each day after work. If you want to thoroughly clean the kitchen by the end of the week, start with cleaning the refrigerator one night, then your junk drawer the next night, and so on.
  7. Find a buddy to hold you accountable. If your buddy is willing - ask her to help you clean your kitchen one week and then offer to help her clean her's the next week. It's more fun if you're doing chores with someone else!
  8. If paperwork is your problem, touch papers only once. When you bring in the mail, open it immediately, throw out all the junk mail in the recycling bin, put the bills in the "to be paid" folder, and relax for a minute and read the "good" mail!
  9. If you're a pack-rat, set some rules for yourself about what you can and can't keep. For example, rather than saving every piece of artwork your child ever created, give yourself permission to keep 3-5 of the best or most meaningful pieces and take pictures of the rest to save them electronically or in a scrapbook.
  10. Every time your purchase something new and bring it home, make yourself get rid of one old item! Give it to a friend, to Goodwill, or to a neighbor in need.


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