Reusable Hot Coffee-cup Sleeve

This was one of the first things I learned to knit. And I have to say it is my favorite project to date. I made several last Christmas for Christmas presents. They knit up very quickly. And you feel really cool because you are knitting with 5 needles! Many a long flight has been much more enjoyable because I have spent the time knitting. Once an airline stewardess was very intrigued by what I was knitting and kept stopping back and asking me questions. So at the end of the flight on my way off the plane I gave her one of these little babies. She loved it!

Yarn: 100% wool; 138 yards/100 grams; 1 hank will make at least 4 sleeves.
Needles: One set of five double-pointed needles size US 6
Notions: Stitch marker
Gauge: 18 sts and 26 rnds = 4" in stockinette stitch

CO 36 sts. Join for working in the rnd, being careful not to twist sts; place marker for beginning of rnd.
Knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd.
Change to St st (knit every rnd); work even until piece measures 1-1/4" from the beginning.

Shape Sleeve
Increase Rnd 1: K1, M1 (k9,M1) 3 times, k8-40 sts. Work even until piece measures 2-1/4" from the beginning.
Increase Rnd 2: K1, M1, (k10, M1) 3 times, k9-44 sts. Work even until pieces measures 3" from the beginning. Purl 1 rnd. BO all sts loosely knitwise.


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