Tips for Transition

The following tips were shared in the last Alumni Newsletter from InterVarsity. I found them very helpful. Thought you might too!

Tips for Transition
1. Connect to the Church. Don’t let yourself believe you can go it alone. Find a solidly biblical church, and then put yourself in positions (e.g., through serving or volunteering or leading or attending) to get to know people. This will be a lifeline for you.

2. Talk to others who’ve navigated a similar transition. Your friends and family are great resources; let those who’ve walked through change before be a voice of encouragement, grace, and perspective when you’re struggling to adjust.

3. Look to Jesus for your worth. Wherever you are for the next few months or the next few years, the temptation to compare yourself with others—their jobs, income, dating or marital status, grades, athletic ability, ministry effectiveness—will be present. And comparison inevitably leads us to despair or to a false sense of security. Choose to listen to Jesus’ voice about who you are.

4. Pay attention to your soul. Transitions are a great time to learn more about yourself. Where are you fearful? Joyful? Anxious? Angry? Carve out time to notice what’s going on inside you.

5. Do what you love to do. Make time for your hobbies—for the activities and places and practices that are life-giving to you. Having fun can counteract and lessen the stress you might be feeling.

6. Practice gratitude. Be intentional about thanking God every day for at least one thing. It will remind you, in the midst of your transition, what hasn’t changed: his presence with you, his goodness, his love for you.


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