Change you didn't ask for...

I had the privilege to hear Pastor Jeff Manion speak this morning at our work retreat. The basis of his teaching was from Acts 14 - Paul's Missionary Journeys.

Jeff has an incredible story from his childhood.  When we was 12 years old his mother was killed in a terrible car accident (in August). Shortly after his father moved the family from Iowa to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Then in October his father met the 21-year-old secretary who worked at his church. And married her in January. And then moved the family from Michigan to California. Can you imagine the amount of change for this teenager? Massive - mother died, two major moves, and a new step-mom with tremendous influence in the family who was closer in age to Jeff than to his father.

Many times movement in your life isn't something you asked for or chose.  

I can't even imagine the amount of tumult in the life of this family, and teenage Jeff. And what about Jeff's step-mom? Instant mom at the age of 21 to FIVE children...teenager down to toddler. CRAZY!

Movement in your life, isn't always things you ask for or choose.  But the decisions you make in those spaces are some of the most critical decisions you make in your life. 

During those times consider these principles from Paul's missionary journeys:

  • Power and presence. - God matches our movement with His power and presence.  He meets us in powerful new ways. When God is calling out new movement in your life, consider praying this prayer, "Dear Lord please meet me in my move." Anticipate God's power and presence in a fresh new way in your life.
  • Opposition - any major movement in your life will be met with some opposition. Don't be surprised. Expect it.
  • Perseverance - your capacity to continue to move forward when things get really difficult is key. Keep moving.


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